Duration 8 sessions a month
Time commitment Individual
Course language English, Chinese
Format Group, Online.
Price $25 - per session

Course curriculum

Youth Kung Fu  will have three parts:

  • Physical Techniques: The stances, punches, and kicks of Kungfu will be our focus that helps us explore flexibility, balance, and body mechanics. We will use traditional training routines and patterns of movement as well as games and other challenges to make our bodies stronger and have fun. The coordination of different body parts also contributes to brain connections and growth. 
  • Martial Arts Etiquette: Martial arts is a practice that requires communication and discipline. We only grow as much as we push ourselves and allow others to push us. How we treat our teachers and training partners completely changes how we experience this art, so we will focus on learning to treat each other well and with sincerity. 
  • Conflict Resolution: Martial arts should be understood as the whole art of conflict, not just how to physically protect yourself if a conflict goes badly. As such, we will practice and discuss conflict in all the forms we encounter it, and learn to deal with it using our voices and minds, and avoid using our fists.

Age groups: 10-13 y.o. and 13-15 y.o.

What you will learn

  • Demonstrate improved flexibility and coordination.
  • Observe class etiquette and show respect for teacher and classmates.
  • Use your voice to de-escalatte conflict.

Course Author: COREY HOPP


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