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Is to bring together creative teachers and visionary partners to make education affordable and accesable for any student.

About Us

Just like many well known organizations, Lightkeepers International started out with a vision. Our vision is to make affordable educational and recreational programs available to the community. In 2018, we took an initiative and formed an alliance with International Friendship, a non-profit grassroots organization. Under our leadership, My Lighthouse division of International Friendship became a bustling hub that offered a variety of classes to different segments of the neighborhood demographics. We helped to connect over 400 parents with the educators who were offering educational programs at My Lighthouse of IFC. Lightkeepers Int. helped to build government liaisons by participating at the community board meetings and School Counselor meetings at local schools. In 2020, Lightkeepers Int. established a new partnership with Kingsbay Y. We are looking to establish a network of talent that will contribute to Kingsbay Y programming and create new opportunities for community engagement. Lightkeepers Int also offers professional staff who are able to deliver the sessions in person as well as online. We are always looking to acquire more talents and partnerships.

He who opens a school door , closes a prison.”

 Victor Hugo

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