Our Mission

Is to bring together creative teachers and visionary partners to make education affordable and accesable for any student.

About Us

Just like many well-known organizations, Lightkeepers International started with a vision.

We aim to help private schools and nonprofits acquire quality teachers at affordable rates, which has always been a priority for Lightkeepers International.

Our team takes the complexities, nuances, and logistics of acquiring, managing, and coordinating new teaching talents and expanding student enrollment.

We have a diverse pool of educators standing by to assist with the programming needs of your organization.
Lightkeepers International’s educational network includes educators providing their services online and in person.

We provide programming during the school year and seasonal engagements such as summer and winter camps.

Our camp coverage includes camp instructors in all five boroughs and the lower Hudson Valley.
Lightkeepers International offers the services of experienced teachers at affordable rates, allowing your organization to meet staffing needs and offer a broader range of content. We work closely with community and government organizations to bring awareness to our partners.

Lightkeepers utilize a targeted approach to marketing. We have helped bring students to schools and increase attendance at nonprofits partnering with us.

How’s Lightkeepers International different:

• We work with community-based organizations.

• We manage our instructors at your location.

• We connect with City agencies and resources