Duration 8 sessions a month
Time commitment Individual
Course language English, Russian
Format Group, Online Individual.
Price $25 - per session

Course curriculum

Yoga and  meditation classes.

Life is filled with stress, difficulty, and pressure. We cannot escape its influence.

Stress has a residual quality and builds up over time in our lives and leaks out in peoples  bodies creating

negative thoughts, anxiety and muscular spasms. However, you could experience the peace and joy  by

participating in daily yoga classes and   stress reduction program:

What you will learn

  •        Stabilize your emotions.
  •        How to meditate.
  •        Deep relaxation techniques.
  •        Stress buster exercises for home.
  •        Powerful breathing techniques to relieve stress.
  •        The art of joyful movement.
  •        Learn to strengthen areas of your body.
  •        Implementing   body  relaxation exercises, breath ,  meditation and mind and soul relaxation exercises.
  •       You will use your skills how to maintain your practice in the midst of daily activities.

Course Author: NONNA OSTROVA


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