• Duration: 8 sessions a month
  • Time commitment: Individual
  • Course language: English, Russian
  • Format: Group.
  • Price: $25 - per session



Total duration 3 years.

Martial Arts is a way of power. Not only power to oppose something, but also to flow with. It is a way of growing rational thinking, calmness, and confidence, of growing spirit and will power, of finding the ground under your legs. And its super cool!

Aside from that, practicing martial arts is one of the most effective and least boring ways of improving your body condition, functional muscle mass, and stamina.

Wudang Wushu is a style of Chinese Martial arts. It is not very famous in the West, but in China the Taoist Wudang Mountains count as one of the three main centers of martial arts, and to some even the motherland of Tai Chi Chuan.

The goal of the Wudang Wushu class is to teach basic martial arts coordination and develop a foundation for fighting. It consists of multi-functional physical development and strengthening the musculo-skeletal system.

Who it’s for: For everyone who wants to delve deeper in to Chinese Martial Arts, and for those who just want to make the body and spirit stronger. The exercises program of this class is quite intense, so I don’t reccomend it for anyone with cardiovascular disease.


1st year- basic stances, basic and advanced kicks, basic punches. Tao Lu (forms): Ji Ben Quan (basic form).

2nd year- kicks, fighting combinations of 3-4 elements (kicks and punches), Tao Lu: Xuang Gong Quan 1, Xuan Zhen Quan (empty hand forms).

3rd year – kicks, fighting combinations, Tao Lu with weapon- Xuan Men Jian (straight sword), Wudang Shanji (fan), and Ba Xian Gun (staff).

Partner work starts in the 2nd or 3rd year as a separate for those who desire it.


Results: With regular practice for 3 years, one can expect to have:

great physical condition
agility and lightness, enhanced body control
increased immunity and resistance to aches and pains
a more lean, sporty physical appearance
general well-being, confidence, and resistance to stress

You wont be able to break any bricks. But I can promise you the joy of feeling your body strong, healthy and smart. Practice will also change your sense and relationship to your body. To me this is the most important thing that one could achieve.

Course Author: Daria Fedorova-Moskvina
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