Duration 8 sessions
Time commitment Individual
Course language English, Russian
Format Group, Online, Private
Price $25 - $100 per session

Course curriculum

Piano course for Beginners

Improve your Violin Skills! – EASY, FAST, FUN!
Quick and Sustainable Results Guaranteed
  • Great for Children — Improve your Violin Skills; Learn How to Express Yourself Creatively; How to work in a Music Team, Playing in a Violin Ensemble!
  • Perfect for Adults — Improve your Violin Skills; Have Fun Playing with a Violin Ensemble; Unlock your Creativity in NO TIME! 
Groups: 7-10 y.o., 10-14 y.o., 14 – 999 y.o. (mixed ages groups are available) 



• Music theory to improve your violin and music skills while having fun!
• Playing songs 
• Positions (1, 2, 3)
• More Rhythm
• Building Your Violin Technique  
• Music Moods and Styles 
• Team-Work / Co-Creativity
• Violin Ensemble 
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What you will learn

After completing this course and following all the suggested directions you will be able to:
• Improve Your Violin Skills
• Improve Your Rhythm
• Play More Advanced Songs
• Know Different Violin Styles 
• Create Your Own Music on Violin 
• Play in a Violin Ensemble and have so much fun!
• Participate in Group Virtual Performances! 

Course Author: Maria Brodskaya


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