Duration 5 sessions
Time commitmentIndividual
Course languageEnglish, Russian
FormatGroup-online, Group-in person, Private (request)
Price $40 per class

Course curriculum

   “Pen Pal” ( 5 sessions)
The students will learn to write letters to their friends. 
  • Session 1. Letter writing as means of communication. How to write a friendly letter. Parts of a letter.
  • Session 2. Choosing a pen pal. Supporting those who are in need. Introducing future pen pals.
  • Session 3. How to start. The art of asking questions. Self-presentation.
  • Session 4. What to write about. Common topics. Structuring sentences in the best effective way. Drafting and outlining.
  • Session 5. Joint session on presenting new pen pals.


What you will learn

  • After completing this course the students will learn the aspects of letter writing and improve their writing skills.

Course Author: Lubov Nightingale


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