• Duration: 12 sessions a month
  • Time commitment: Individual
  • Course language: English, Russian
  • Format: Group, Individual.
  • Price: $30 - $60


The course painting gives the students an opportunity to try various
painting techniques from watercolors and pastels to oils, tempera, and acrylics. They will learn to
see and perceive the world in color and convey their impressions on canvas. They will learn that
different colors interact with each other in different ways. They will be surprised to find out that
sometimes only three colors are enough to create the most complex and varied color work. And
when the brushes become an extension of a hand, they will enrich this world with new pictorial
masterpieces worthy of taking their place in the most demanding collections.

The curriculum consists of 12 lessons

1. Acquaintance with color, warm and cold shades.
2. Work only in warm colors.
3. Work only in cold shades.
4. A simple still life with geometric shapes, the basic concepts of the relationship between color,
and the basics of painting.
5. Complex still life. Fundamentals of compositional and plastic construction in painting.
6. Continuation of a complex still life, detailing objects using color.
7. Landscape painting, spring.
8. Scenery, summer.
9. The image of the landscape, autumn.
10. Image of the landscape, winter.
11. Portrait, basic principles of color image.
12. The figure of a person in the interior, basic principles.


Expected results:

By the end of the course, students should

Learn the basics of the theory and practice of painting.

Develop the ability to see and depict the world around in all the diversity of its color-light relationship.

Use pictorial means, sculpt the form with color, master the techniques of watercolor painting, acrylic, and the basics of color science;

The course is designed for 12 lessons starting from any age.

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