Duration 4 sessions a month
Time commitment Individual
Course language English
Format Group, Online
Price $25 per session

Course curriculum

Musical theatre dance includes training in the foundational dance genres of Jazz, Tap and Ballet while learning to connect emotion to movement. Storytelling is the highest priority when learning musical theatre dance!
In this course we will begin with a high energy warm up that includes stretching techniques, finding our balance and flexibility and honing skills found in Jazz, Ballet and Modern.
Beginning on your feet and getting blood pumping will lead to floor exercises and strengthening so we’ll be ready to focus on center work.
This portion of class could be centered on footwork, turns, style and starting to put together movement for future use in choreography. We’ll then cross the floor, beginning to marry our jumps and turns together so we can move into the last portion of class: Learning choreography!
We’ll spend time learning the steps to big Broadway shows like “Hairspray!”, “The Lion King”, “Chicago” and more!
Get ready to move and express yourself through dance! 
Katharine’s teaching style is all student-driven. Every class starts with the basics, honing technique, then moving across-the-floor to build more advanced skills which will require endurance and strength. Every student will receive one-on-one corrections and advice to push to the level of their desire! We’ll wrap up with a combination that utilizes and expands on what we worked on in class that day.
Everyone can dance!
*No Tap shoes required*

Course Author: Katie Pettit


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