Duration8 sessions
Time commitmentIndividual
Course languageEnglish
FormatGroup, Online, Private
Price$25 - $100 per session

Course curriculum

Music Production / Electronics

 Course taught by a Grammy-winning, guitarist, producer and songwriter –

Brian Forbes.


• Getting familiar with your DAW (Ableton Live, Logic, Fruity Loops, Pro Tools) 
• Discussion of styles and genres and BPMs (from HipHop/Trap to all styles of EDM)
• Finding and getting great drum sounds
• Creating “the beat”
• Basic types of synth sounds
• More advanced sound design utilizing ADSR
• Basic Applicable Music Theory
• Creating and working with melodies
• Developing chord progressions
• Recording vocals/ vocal samples/ advanced “vocal chops”
• Mixing and basic mastering

What you will learn

After completing this course and following all the suggested directions you will be able to:
• Access your creativity
• Compose a truly original song
• Create a composition from the start to finish completely in the computer
• Acquire the skill to collaborate with others
• Achieve basic fluency in a music language
• Improve your knowledge of music history
• Boost your creative potential and self-expression

Course Author: Maria Brodskaya


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