• Duration: 12 sessions
  • Time commitment: Individual
  • Course language: English, Chinese
  • Format: Group-Online, Private
  • Price: $25 per session


Intermediate Chinese Course for Children

 “Let’s continue to speak Chinese”

Welcome to our course!

You have learned Pinyin and you know how to say hello and express your feelings easily, but you still cannot understand many sentences and want to have more vocabulary? The child clearly saw many familiar or very similar words, but still could not distinguish them well and wanted more practice. Your child wants to study in China, wants to learn to communicate in more application scenarios, and wants to improve his expressive skills, He can deepen understanding and exchange with Chinese friends. More Chinese characters, more listening, speaking, reading, writing, and more cultural knowledge are in this advanced Chinese course tailored for children with a little basic Chinese.


Suitable for:

1.Experienced Chinese, can read Pinyin, has some basic knowledge of Chinese but still needs to be consolidated and improved

2.I want to quickly improve the Chinese level and increase the reading volume

3.There are few opportunities to communicate in Chinese on weekdays, and children who do not have the opportunity to practice oral English

4.Have a plan to study in China or study abroad, or have other needs that require Chinese skills

What will we do in the class?

In the Intermediate courses, the teacher will gradually show the Chinese conversation on different occasions, how to write, recognize and remember more words, and from time to time join cartoon characters to accompany children to learn together. In this course, there will be some famous Chinese Tang poems. Through analysis and appreciation, you can understand the art of Chinese characters. The famous Chinese literary work “Journey to the West” takes children to read famous works, watch related audiovisual works, interact after watching movies, and students will have more Chinese expression training. The accumulation of vocabulary does not depend on difficult memorization, but through immersive scene learning in all aspects, naturally memorized in mind and used in life. Children will find that if they are in China, they are no longer blind and helpless. They know how to describe their problems with the staff in detail, how to buy what they need independently, how to express more feelings, they can understand what Chinese friends say Many allusions, knowing the richer 5000-year history of China.


What do you get as a result:

1.Master the basics of Chinese: vocabulary, sentence patterns, grammar knowledge

2.Proficiency in common daily spoken language.

3.Can understand simple stories and answer questions.

4.Able to write some simple compositions, express preferences, describe animals, characters, things, etc.

5.Understand China’s history, culture and values

Course Author: Hanlu Cheng
By Published On: June 30, 2023Categories: Languages


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