Duration 12 sessions a month
Time commitment Individual
Course language English, Russian
Format Group, Individual.
Price $30 - $60

Course curriculum

It is the main course for everyone who takes the first steps in the visual arts, no matter what age
they are, kids or adults. Drawing is the basis for everything. It acquaints listeners with such
important basic concepts as shape, volume, line, spot, light and shadow, reflex, plain and depth,
space, perspective. It reveals the secrets of creating a volumetric image on the plain using a
pencil or soft materials. One who knows how to hold a pencil properly acquires freedom of
expression of the wildest dreams. During sessions students will learn a step- by- step technique
of using various materials – pencil, sauce, sanguine, charcoal. Starting from scratch, the students
will gradually learn how to draw still lives, flowers, portraits, landscapes, and even a human

Course duration 12 lessons

1. Study materials, pencil, charcoal pastel. How to properly hold them in your hand, apply them to
different surfaces, paper, cardboard, canvas.
2. Drawing of geometric shapes. Acquaintance with the basics of drawing: layout in a sheet,
organization in space, perspective, stroke.
3. Drawing of architectural rosettes and draperies. Acquaintance with the simplest forms and
4. Still life of jugs, mugs and fruits. Fundamentals of compositional and plastic construction.
5. Continuation of the still life, studying the tonality of the drawing, what is light, shadow, partial
shade, reflex.
6. Drawing with the structural features of the human head: eyes, nose, lips, ear.
7. Drawing of draperies or fabrics.
8. Drawing of the plaster head. Building proportions, composition on a sheet of paper.
9. Continuation of the drawing of the plaster head, the study of light and shade.
10. Portrait. Drawing of a living model. Basic principles of construction, proportions and
11. Continuation of the portrait drawing, black-and-white transfer of the drawing volume.
12. Figure drawing. Acquaintance with the construction of a human figure on a plane

What you will learn

  • Expected results:

    By the end of the course, students should

    Know and consciously use the choice of the sheet format and the ability to compose the image
    on the sheet.
    Be able to build the shape of an object using the knowledge of the proportion and design of the
    object, using axial constructive and auxiliary lines.
    Convey volume using chiaroscuro, transfer of texture and tone of the subject.
    See and depict on a two-dimensional plane of the sheet: shape, volume and space with graphic
    materials: line, stroke and spot, as well as color and tone.

    Develop attention, memory, thinking, spatial imagination; fine motor skills of hands and an eye;
    artistic taste, creativity and imagination.

    The course is designed for 12 lessons, suitable for any age.

Course Author:  Miroslav Duzinkevych


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