Duration 12 sessions a month
Time commitment Individual
Course language English, Russian
Format Group, Individual.
Price $30 - $60

Course curriculum

This course is intended for those who are already familiar with the basics of drawing and
painting and intend to develop their skills on a new level. The course of composition will
introduce the students to the patterns of dynamic construction of images on a plain, teach them to
work in different formats (rectangle, square, circle, oval). They will learn that the emotional
content and artistic image of any piece of art depends primarily on compositional construction,
and the laws of composition are identical for all types of visual arts.

The course is designed for 12 lessons

1. An image of a favorite pet.
2. Fantasy on the theme of space.
3. The image of fish in the aquarium.
4. Transfer of emotion in the composition.
5. Exploring collage, what it is.
6. Still life from different objects.
7. Still life of flowers in a vase.
8. Composition in combination of various materials, wood paints, metal products.
9. Combination of several pictures into one whole.
10. Image of architectural and geometric compositions.
11. Study of formal, abstract composition.
12. Portrait of a family, mom, dad, brother, sister.

What you will learn

  • Expected results:

    By the end of the course, students


  • Will be able to come close to creating their own, well-constructed work, which is the pinnacle of fine art.


    The course is designed for 12 lessons, suitable for any age.

Course Author:  Miroslav Duzinkevych


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