Duration 12 sessions
Time commitment Individual
Course language English, Chinese
Format Group-Online, Private
Price $25 per session

Course curriculum

Chinese Language Enlightenment for Children

“Open the door to Chinese”

Welcome to our course!

Whether your child is very interested in Chinese, but you are worried that there is no professional Chinese teacher? When your child learns a foreign language, does it always have a lot of pronunciation problems? This course is designed for children with zero basics. It is lively, interesting, and rich in content. In the game, learn spoken Chinese pronunciation, learn to be polite in life, speak civilization, learn to introduce yourself in Chinese, say hello, apologize, address people around you, know How to express your likes and dislikes in Chinese, and learn to write simple Chinese characters, words, short sentences.


Suitable for:

1.Children with zero basics

2.Children who need Chinese enlightenment and develop interest in learning Chinese

3.The school teacher’s pronunciation is not standard and needs to be corrected in Chinese

4.Children who are very interested in China and want to broaden their horizons

What will we do in the class?

In the classroom, our courseware will use very vivid and cute cartoons to shape words to help children recognize and understand them more easily. In the process, they will learn the pinyin through games. After mastering the pinyin, they can easily read all the words according to the pinyin. Chinese characters. The course is not just a language-based study, but also tells stories about Chinese history, places of interest, interesting festivals, funny animals, great celebrities, and unique life stories. Demonstrate the characteristics of China through a combination of text, pictures and videos. The teacher will naturally interact with the child’s Chinese in the course, subtly integrate the daily simple words into the classroom, repeat the practice, and know that the pronunciation is natural and standard. What the children like, it will be presented in the classroom. This is not only the language classroom, but also the culture and life classroom.

What you will learn

What do you get as a result:

  1. Recognize Chinese Pinyin, master the rules of spelling, and help children pronounce naturally.
  2. Simple daily interactive expression of spoken Chinese.
  3. Learn to write Pinyin and Chinese strokes, recognize basic simple words, and be able to write some simple words and sentences.
  4. Understand Chinese history and culture.


Course Author: Hanlu Cheng


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