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Introduction to the Astromony
Total duration 12 weeks ( 2 times a week)
can be joined at any point

This course covers a general introduction intro Astronomy as part of the science today. We will journey from the ancient astronomy to the modern times and then back to the beginning of the universe, see the start being born and explode as supernovae at the end of their lifetime.


A natural science is concerned with the fundamental principles of the universe, matter, energy and their interaction. It forms the foundation for other physical sciences, engineering, medicine and industry, and it has led to great advances in our fundamental understanding of the physical world. This understanding, in turn, has translated into countless engineering applications and technologies that benefit us in our daily lives.

In that sense, astronomy is the oldest of all sciences. It has helped our ancestors in navigation, in harvest and in celebration. Only with the invention of first astronomical instruments like early telescopes did it become a part of fundamental science that is our window into the greater world that lies outside of our planet and even the Solar system and Galaxy.  This course will look at the roots of science as a field and astronomy specifically, at the early attempts of humanity to explain the world around, its creation, and a possible demise. We will look at our extended cradle – a Solar system, and learn about its origins and evolution, the formation and migration of the planets. And study the inner works of a star using the example of the closest one we have – our Sun. Further we will look as how the stars are born and how they die, how they form grandiose ensembles called galaxies, and how this Universe has come into existence according to the Big Bang Theory.


After completing this course, you will:
Understand the origin of Astronomy as science
Be introduced to the Solar System and basics of celestial mechanics
Follow the birth and death of a star and planetary system
Overview and be familiar with Big Bang theory and origins of the Universe

Course Author: Dr. Dmitriy Beznosko PhD
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