Duration 12 sessions
Time commitment Individual
Course language English, Chinese
Format Group-Online, Private
Price $25 per session

Course curriculum

“Let us master Chinese”

Welcome to our course!

Your child can read and understand a lot of Chinese Pinyin books and like to read Chinese classics, but if they don’t use a dictionary or translation tool, it is still very difficult to understand. Especially when he wants to publish or write his feelings, he still can’t fully express them, they need more practice and interaction. Does the child want to have more authentic pronunciation, express more accurately, want to exchange more interesting topics with partners, want to express more personal characteristics, want to understand more Chinese literary works, want to prepare for the international Chinese test, want to conduct More Chinese training? Just for this student who has accumulated a wealth of Chinese knowledge, improve Chinese listening ability, understanding ability, communication and expression ability, more training, develop Chinese logic, fully integrate into Chinese communication, and the vocabulary is higher.


Suitable for:

1.Children who have a solid foundation in Chinese but need to improve their Chinese expression and writing skills

2.Need more proficient and authentic Chinese communication

3.Chinese learners interested in Chinese ancient poetry and literature

What will we do in the class?

In the classroom, a piece of audiovisual, or a piece of text reading, or a thought-provoking topic, heuristically enters the class, the teacher and the students start a discussion, discuss the stories around them, discuss the movies they have seen, discuss their feelings, discuss the work The author’s life, read more Chinese materials, and learn more ways of expression in Chinese. Increased staged testing and deepened the consolidation of knowledge. Through the staged testing, students can clearly understand themselves in Chinese grammar, listening, writing, and the teacher will recommend reading books, film and television works, students write thoughts, training write clear logic, content Plump, able to use more rhetorical Chinese good composition, exchange summary with classmates and teachers in class.

What you will learn

What do you get as a result:

1.Master the basics of Chinese: vocabulary, sentence patterns, grammar knowledge

2.Proficiency in common daily spoken language.

3.Can understand simple stories and answer questions.

4.Able to write some simple compositions, express preferences, describe animals, characters, things, etc.

5.Understand China’s history, culture and values

Course Author: Hanlu Cheng


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