Zhanar Kasymova

Duration8 sessions
Time commitmentIndividual
Course languageKazakh, Russian
FormatGroup, Online, Private
Price$25 - $50 per session

Course curriculum

Kobyz from A to Z

Total 8 sessions

  • The history of Kazakh music is rooted in the deep past.
  • In the classroom, you will plunge into the world of nomad music.
  • You will learn about the structure of the ancient Kazakh instrument Kobyz, what role it played in Kazakh life and shamanism.
  • What obstacles did it overcome so that we would not forget about this instrument.
  • What transformations and modernization Kobyz went thrugh during it’s existence.
  • And you will also learn what kyu is, what it meant for the Kazakh people, what semantic load he carried for the development of the spiritual culture of the ancient nomads.
  • Also, in brief, we will cover acquaintance with other Kazakh instruments.
  • As a bonus, you will learn many legends associated with Kazakh instruments. 

What you will learn

  • The course consists of 8 lessons per month. At the end of the 8th lesson you will be able to perform (if there is an instrument) a musical composition on the instrument.

Course Author: Zhanar Kasymova


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