Duration 12 sessions
Time commitment Individual
Course language English, Russian
Format Group- in person , Private on demand
Price $25 - $50 per session

Course curriculum

Total Duration (12 sessions)

COLORED SOUNDS  is a craft based Art course intended for the students who are interested in the
creative process, but not interested in the fine art aspect (drawing/painting). Students will
learn about the art and craft of various cultures while creating works of art. Students will
get to experience working with a variety of different mediums such as paint, clay, fabric,
metal, wood, and yarn, while learning multiple studio techniques.

What you will learn

After completing this course you will have you very own  personal piece of art: a sculpture, a painting, a collage. We will have and Art Expo where every student will be noticed and admired personally. 


Course Author: Michael Ivanov


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