Alexander Iakovlev

Duration 12 sessions a month
Course language English, Russian.
Format Group - Online. Individual - Online.
Price Group-$25 per session; Individual- PLEASE ASK

Course curriculum

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This course is ONLINE ONLY.

Total of 12 sessions

Groups of 4 


Photoshop course description:

Photoshop A-Z description:

The course explores editing and creation of images using Adobe Photoshop.

Covered topics include: Photoshop basics, layers, selections, color correction techniques, text and image functions, painting tools, blending options, special effects and filters, selections, color adjustments, clipping masks, paths and shapes, image processing automation.

Class capacity:

Up to 10 people.

Class duration:

2 hours (new material introduction and supervised practice time).


Adobe Photoshop software and computers with an appropriate technical specification to run Adobe Photoshop.

What you will learn

Course outcomes:

By the end of this class, students will be able to:

  • Perform digital image editing using Adobe Photoshop
  • Understand practical applications such as photo correction techniques, image composing and photo restoration/correction.
  • Digital photo remastering
  • RAW image enhancement and HDR processing.
  • Create images for social media, webpages, advertisements, flyers, and eye-catching thumbnails for YouTube videos or Instagram posts.



Course Author: Alexander Iakovlev


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