Duration 8 sessions a month
Course language English, Russian.
Format Group - Online. Individual - Online.
Price Group-$25 per session; Individual- PLEASE ASK

Course curriculum

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This course is ONLINE ONLY.

Total of 8 sessions

Groups of 4 


We continue speaking Russian!

Russian grammar and speaking practice

В 1. Intermediate
В 2. Upper-Intermediate

This program is for those who knows Russian grammar at a basic level and can speak Russian, but wants to know more about it and improve communication skills.

You already speak Russian well, but you want to speak more confidently. More you study Russian grammar, more questions you have. You often hear words and phrases that you did not know before, and it is completely unknown how to use them. You want to improve your grammar skills.

What will you do in class?

  •  discuss topics that interest you;
  • listen to Russian speech (TV programs, news, films, talk shows, etc.) and learn to understand it by ear;
  • read and discuss texts in Russian (news, articles from newspapers, magazines  and the Internet, excerpts from literary texts);
  • correct and improve your pronunciation;
  • repeat the most important and complex topics of Russian grammar (cases, types of verbs, verbs of movement, verbs with prefixes, etc.);
  • get acquainted with the facts of Russian culture and Russian lifestyle.

What you will learn

What will you get as a result:

  • You will improve your knowledge of Russian grammar, vocabulary, syntax, as well as make your speech in Russian more perfect.
  • You will be able to watch movies and TV shows in Russian, watch Russian films without translation and subtitles.
  • You will be able to read not only adapted texts of Russian writers, but also original texts.
  • You will be able to participate in a communication, maintain a conversation on various topics, express your own opinion, and polemicize.
  • Recommendations:

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Course Author: Elina Altynova


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