Rosa Serrata. Cooking Series.


Rosa Serrata.

Cooking Series I.R.T.

A lil bit about me:
Born in Santiago, Dominican Republic,I grew up in a traditional Dominican household.
I learned to cook by watching my  mother and sisters.
Back then it was learning through the immersive experience.
There were no cookbooks or recipes to write down, but each dish came out delicious.
 I started to experiment with food by creating baby food. Each morning my mother would wait on me to prepare my nutritious creations for my nieces and nephews. My first meal for grown-ups was sancocho.
I made it for the entire family of 8 and everyone loved it.
I haven’t stopped cooking since then.
Everyone can cook with a little bit of guidance.

About my courses:

Why I.R.T. line #1 route
NYC is nothing without its subway system.
You can travel the world for the price of MTA fair.
We learn about each other through food.
As you take the #1 train you leave Riverdale and it’s potatoes and steaks and travel through the Washington heights with its rice and beans to Harlem for a bite of Soul food.
Train tracks take to you Hell’s Kitchen for some Italian food and leave you at Seaport and its seafood dishes.
Learn how to cook authentic dishes without breaking the bank.
NY Cooking Series :
I.R.T. line #1 route 10 classes.
Group-Online and Grpup in person.

My courses

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