Nonna Ostrova,
Nutritionist Health Coach.


Nonna Ostrova


My name is Nonna Ostrova.

I am certified yoga teacher since 2001

In 1996 I  completed my 1st 300 hours Certified Yoga- Ayurveda-Teacher program at
 Bahamas Retreat Center.

In 1996 I got my Ayurveda holistic teacher program in Open Center in Manhattan.
 Training both online and in person.

I have a passion for teaching and look forward to sharing with you!

I have BS in holistic nutrition and stress reduction program.


I will offer you two courses:

Ayurveda and Meditation.

In Ayurveda course you will find out your body type, called doshas .Your body type effects your physical constitution, psychology and way of thinking. I will teach you how
to balance unique body type with food, herbs and lifestyle. Also I will give my students
more information about ayurvedic diet recipes and meal plan.

In my Meditation course you will learn how to create harmony, happiness and higherquality of live, how to use your power to heel and calm your mind.

My courses

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