Miroslav Duzinkevych, ART TEACHER

Miroslav Duzinkevych

ART Teacher .

The artist Miroslav Duzinkevych hails from the Ivano-Frankivsk region (western Ukraine), so he was lucky to absorb the powerful spirit of the bright and pure nature of the Carpathians from childhood.

The deep respect for tradition, inherent in the Carpathians, in the works of Miroslav was transformed into one of the artist’s professional “tricks”, which invariably attracts a look to his works.

He knows how to “condense” time, space and color in canvases, adding his pure artistic energy, the audience involuntarily “dives” into them, as in a four-dimensional world. And then it seems that together with the artist you stop the whirlwind of space-color-time and for a short moment you see the world not as usual, but as if from the outside or from the inside.

However, in order to create such vivid “moments of presence”, the artist had, first of all, to go through ten years of hard study in art institutions in Ukraine and abroad. At the beginning of his career, Miroslav “worked out” many multi-genre works in a realistic manner, including portraits, landscapes, still life’s and large (up to 3 meters long) canvases on biblical themes. Recently, according to the artist, he switched to the emotional “abstract impressionism”.

Miroslav grabs and depicts the vivid essence of every moment, situation, corner of the world with the experienced eye of a master, whose name is always the same – eternity.

The artist notes that he has great respect for the Wanderers art school of the late 19th century. Like most representatives of this artistic movement, Miroslav travels a lot around the world to constantly gather an impression, seize moments, and then bestow our souls and homes with his works.

The colorful and eternal city of Istanbul, formerly Constantinople, captured the artist with a unique flavor of swirling streets and majestic mosques that seem to come to life on his canvases of the “Turkish series”, so the author managed to convey the variability of lighting, rhythm and even the marine aroma of this crossroads of cultural flows from Europe and Asia .

If the “eastern” works are filled with sunny blueness and the movement of the wind, the “Italian series” is distinguished by a powerful modern impressionism, here, in the first place, are sunny orange, sea and transparent blue shades. Overcrowding, brightness, romanticism – the Italian coast of Liguria causes such associations first.

Carpathian motifs are full of greatness and the dense shades of emerald, brown and blue shades evoke a mood of mystery and contemplation. In general, everything that Miroslav Duzinkevych reproduces on canvas has the imprint of his love and concentrated experience; this desire to understand first of all the soul, and not the cold mind.

Famous Ukrainian art critic Dmitry Korsun noted the peculiarities of the artistic gift of Miroslav Duzinkevych “His picture becomes a mirror not only of space, but also of a special existence, which contains an extended chronological character, condensing time. After all, there are also temporary aspects of the coloristic essence of such a painting. Color is not just its color, when its numerous transitions, differences, combination, opposition of colors are manifested; and these are real metamorphoses of enlightenment and blackout.”

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Dream Accomplished

Rated 5 out of 5
March 1, 2021

My son always wanted to learn how to express his fantasies on a paper , just needed a little direction from the professional. That’s when we met Miroslav at one of his expositions. He was very friendly and talked with Garry . He told him everything is possible. After series of lessons , my son feels that he can fully express himself on a paper that’s a success. Thank you Miroslav.

Samuel Jahugon