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My name is Michael Billotto.

   I spent my four years of undergraduate studies learning social studies, literature, philosophy, psychology, English, creative writing, and also legal studies and judicial practices.

    I write creative fiction in my offtime, as well as poetry and children’s books. I have been in multiple school plays, attended chorus throughout middle and highschool, had poetry published, and overall am well versed in the humanities.

   My work is focused on helping students become well articulated, studious, and confident so that they can represent themselves in the world. Being well spoken, having a command of the English language and being able to write and express it accurately; as well as strong public speaking skills, are traits I consider valuable and what I attempt to address with my students. 

   I love when they find passion and excitement in the work we’re doing, whether it be creatively writing a fictional narrative, composing a melodious sonnet, reading a new book, or speaking in front of their peers.


   Through my courses, I want to build the arsenal of my students’ vocabulary. I want to practice with them public speaking and expression which will instill confidence and cooperation skills, as well as equip them with a competence in reading, writing, and thinking that will serve them through life. 

These courses are a combination of structure, craft, and expression which will facilitate creative and practical thinking while they learn.

The most important goals when learning the humanities is:

  • Becoming better at written and verbal articulation of thoughts
  • Gaining confidence when public speaking 
  • Acquiring a greater ability to read and understand english
  • Enhancing Vocabulary
  1. Characteristics, Forms, and Practice of Poetry (This will comprise of learning the structure of poetry, different types, practices and systems of writing poetry that the students can practice. By the end of the class, they will have practiced vocabulary, a variety of poetic structure, and creative thinking, which they’ll practice by writing three different types of poetry. 
  2. Creative Writing: A workshop on the craft (This course will engage student’s creativity and give them an outlet to express their ideas through fiction. Students will broaden their use of vocabulary, become better writers and learn the components of story and narratives. By the end of the class, they will have worked on two short stories and written a completely revised and polished short story.  


My courses

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Poet’s circle

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