Maria Kuchumova


Education: Bashkir State University, Ufa, Russia (2009)
Currently teaching at  ANO “Logos”

About : Methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language in the ANO “Logos”

We use the best domestic and foreign teaching practices!

We teach you how to read, write, speak and think in Russian.

Maximum immersion in the language process and communication in Russian.

No mechanical tasks!

Interactive classes and practices: game situations, working with a partner, searching for mistakes, comparing and matching, connecting not only to memory, but also to logic, the ability think analytical and figurative thinking.

The connection of language and culture. The language is a very stably intertwined with the cultural characteristics of countries. We will travel with you to Russian history.

Maximum immersion into the Russian-speaking environment!

Maximum immersion in the Russian-speaking environment!

Our teachers are native speakers with good knowledge of English.



We use a large amount of the additional material in our work.

Еhe electronic format that is issued to each student contains various materials:

  • in addition to the training kit (textbook, workbook) it contains various materials: cartoons, feature films, educational programs, audio and video materials carefully selected according to the theme of the lesson and other visual material.
  • In addition to group classes, each student may wish to study the topic or material more deeply in separate classes with the teacher at a convenient time.

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Duration 12 sessions Time commitment Individual Course language English, Russian Format Group-Online, Private Price $25 per session ENROLL Course curriculum ...
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Duration 12 sessions Time commitment Individual Course language English, Russian Format Group-Online, Private Price $25 per session ENROLL Course curriculum ...
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the best language teacher I have ever had

Rated 5 out of 5
July 28, 2020

Ms. Maria Kuchumova has been a brilliant Russian teacher! Throughout an intensive language course in Ufa during the summer 2016, I was among her students in the A1 level group.

Skilfully, Maria explained complex rules of Russian grammar in very approachable ways and – with an unshakable patience – she helped me and other students to internalise basic Russian vocabulary. Her lessons were always extremely well prepared, nicely structured and methodologically varied.

Besides teaching me and my classmates linguistic skills, Ms. Maria Kuchumova shared a lot of valuable knowledge about the Russian culture and local Bashkir traditions with us. On numerous occasions, she took us out on day and weekend trips in and outside of Ufa. This gave us the opportunity to learn about the local history, to make Russian friends and directly apply what we had learned in the classroom.

Moreover, Ms. Maria Kuchumova is a very knowledgeable and widely read person with outstanding pedagogical as well as intercultural skills. Her impressive perseverance, reliability and originality were reflected in each lesson.

You can see from afar that Ms. Maria Kuchumova has an incredible passion for her field and sincere compassion with her students. She was a teacher who stood in the classroom with all her heart and made me fall in love with the Russian language. Without any doubt, I can say that she is the best language teacher I have ever had.

Student from Amsterdam

From Lima

Rated 5 out of 5
July 28, 2020

Maria is very patient when concerning to new topics. She applies many interactive ways for explaining the language, avoiding the direct translation and helping to get into the language. She is very organized when planning the lessons. Despite the fact that Russian language was difficult, I always felt motivated to keep learning. It’s very helpful when Maria uses physical examples to clarify some things. Maria always made me get more and more interested in Russian.


Thank you

Rated 5 out of 5
July 28, 2020

Hello everybody

My name is Weaam Hassan, from Syria, I am 28 years old.

I just want to tell you my experience of learning Russian language with my fantastic teacher Kuchumova Maria Olegovna.

When I arrived in Russia in November 2016 I did not know any word of Russian language, everything was difficult for me especially when I had to talk to people. I enrolled in Bashkir state university, and there I met my teacher of Russian language Kuchumova Maria Olegovna and thing started to be good, she was very patient with me, and I like the way that she taught us the Russian language. Everything was simple to learn with her style in teaching, when I go to classes, I see her energized and excited. She is what a teacher is supposed to be. She was right beside me all along, and for that, I am so incredibly grateful. Day by day I used to use Russian language in my life here in Russia by remember the Russian grammar the Kuchumova Maria Olegovna learned me. I had so much trouble with some of the difficult parts of learning language, but she had faith that I will get there in the end.

She taught us also the history of Russia and every detail about that. In addition, today every place I go in Russia immediately I remember her words about that.

Now I am a PhD student in SPBU, I speak Russian very well, and all that because I am a lucky person to had a wonderful teacher like Kuchumova Maria Olegovna.

You patiently helped me progress in my studies and always gave me great advice. Thank you and thanks for the motivation!

I wish you great life full of happiness and success in your courier.

Your student

Weaam Hassan