Leonel Chávez,
Interactive Math.


Leonel Chávez

Interactive Math.

My name is Leonel Chávez .
   I spent my years of high school and first year of college learning the fundamentals of mathematics starting with Arithmetic and going all the way up to AP calculus .
    I tutor privately in my offtime, as well as translate for in the medical field for Spanish English learners.
I have earned multiple honors for my advance mathematical understanding and was the team leader in my middle school math club.
   My interactive learning is focused on helping students become passionate about mathematics and approach it as a stimulative game instead of a math problem. Having this mindset can help them seek alternative methods towards solving a difficult question. Having a clear understanding of the fundamentals in mathematics will help new learners to write and express their thought Procces effectively and accurately.I attempt to spark the fun that math can be for new learner;
leaving behind the customs of the traditional classroom.
   What I love about my teaching opportunity is that they find passion and excitement in the work they do, whether it be simple algorithms or simple squaring , composing a equation , breaking down a lengthy problem , or explaining how they found the answer in their own way.


About My Courses

Through my courses, I want to build my students’ confidence and solidify the thought that any problem can be solve just like they can do anything they put their mind to. I want to practice first with what they already know which will let them know that they are not expected to know everything from day one this will lead them to understand the toughest problems from the basics and so forth, as well as equip them with a elite understanding of complex problem solving , writing, thinking and interactive skills that will serve them through life. 
These courses are a combination of structure, timely, and creativity which will facilitate urgency and immersion while they learn.

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