Kaylyn Alexander,
Yoga Instructor.


Kaylyn Alexander

Yoga Instructor.


My name is Kaylyn Alexander. I’m a first-generation Thai-American from the south and now living in Brooklyn. 

I’m a certified recreation therapist and yoga instructor. My work is focused on helping students learn yoga and its various tools that can help to increase focus, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being. Lessons include instruction on yoga postures, philosophy, breathing, meditation, and more. Each session is personalized to the student’s goals and interests and is taught to encourage curiosity and inspire regular self-practice.
I grew up as a gymnast competing in local and state competitions. As a teenager, I discovered yoga. Even at a young age, I realized how valuable the practice is – not only on a physical level but also for creating an overall healthy and mindful lifestyle. With regular practice, I grew stronger and more flexible, and my thoughts became much clearer. In fact, the more I practiced yoga, the more my grades, relationships, and happiness improved too. 
My goal is to help individuals reach their highest potential. Whether that’s tapping into their inner light and compassion or balancing on their head, I’m here as a guide. This discipline has benefited me in so many ways that it’s my passion to share it with others. 
In yoga, we address the mind, body, and spiritual aspects of ourselves. As a holistic practice, it does just that: makes us feel whole!   
“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb
**Teacher Tip: Did You Know?** 
Yoga isn’t just physical – it also builds character! There’s basic philosophy and ethics that are observed, such as asteya (non-stealing) and aparigraha (non-greediness). These ethical guidelines support harmonious relationships with ourselves and others, on and off the yoga mat.

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