John Tarnavsky,
Environmental Engineer


John Tarnavsky

Environmental Engineer

My name is  Johnny Tarnavsky, currently an Environmental Engineering major at CUNY hoping to learn useful enough information (while I study) to make a change in the planet, and aspiring to teach biology to young fresh minds apt on learning.
In my class, students will learn to challenge scientific myths, learn methods and expand their way of thinking into one that always seeks more knowledge in a fun interactive way. 
The class will consist of several topics, including;
Reusing and recycling materials, environmental city design, comparative anatomy ecology and general fun experiments to help learn chemistry, and much more.
Perhaps we’ll even be able to learn together, as we’ll strive towards new information constantly.
The class will be about expanding new ways of scientific thinking not always presented in regular schooling in an easily recognizable manner to promote health, knowledge, and well being of the planet.   

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