Helen Lopez-Gonzalez, PreK-Elementary school Art Teacher


Helen Lopez-Gonzalez

PreK-Elementary Art Teacher  

About me: 
My name is Helen Lopez-Gonzalez, wife and a mother of two boys. I come from a very large family. I am very passionate when it comes to art, I’ve enjoyed art since the 1st grade. I’ve been teaching for 4 years working with young kids. Working with kids has been my favorite experience for they have such creative minds and are so lovable to joyful to be around.



My favorite art is pop art for all the fun colors when can use it.
I feel as though for the young generation pop art is best to work with just cause there is no structural way it is very fun and easy going and best of all very colorful.
I feel as though its away of free are and away for kids to freely express themselves. 
Another similar art in which I like to do is abstract art with everyday object Abstract art is a modern art that does not represent images of our everyday world.
It has color, lines, and shapes (form), but they are not intended to represent objects or living things. 
Abstract art  is found in painting and in sculpture.
 Op art  is more for older age students for the matter that it is more time consuming and it is also very well detailed. I do feel as OP art is very structural for the reason there is a pattern in which one is following.
It is a form of abstract art where geometric shapes like lines and rectangles and vertical blocks were repeated to create images.
Minimalism Art was an art movement which focused on art that is simple yet beautiful.
This art is abstract which might or might not represent anything. The colors are minimum, sometimes to just one. The boundaries of colors are hard-edged. Repetition of a form is common.

My courses

Little Artists! Little Brushes! WORKSHOP

Little Artists! Little Brushes! WORKSHOP

Duration 4 Hours Time commitment Individual Course language English, Spanish Format Group Price $60 per session ENROLL Course curriculum “Little ...
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For both parents and kids

Rated 5 out of 5
October 15, 2020

I hired Mrs. Lopez to keep my two six year old boys entertained and to give them something different to do in place of an art class that would typically happen in school. It was an amazing class that my boys enjoyed along with me and husband. She gave the boys a variety of options on what to paint and she even let me and my husband join in. It was very interactive. She was very energetic and did an amazing job helping and giving the boys directions. It was very entertaining and a lot of fun. I highly recommend and will be booking in the future.

Anais Fortiz