Español Intermedio, Spanish Intermediate.

Duration 12 sessions
Time commitment Individual
Course language English, Russian, Spanish
Format Group-Online, Private
Price $25 per session

Course curriculum

Let’s continue speaking Spanish

B1- Intermediate level

B2- Upper intermediate level

This course is perfect for you, if you:

  • Have learned Spanish and want to improve your current level.

  • Already have a basic understanding of the Spanish language, and you want to improve your accent.

  • Want to visit a country, in which the Spanish is the native language.

  • Want to have Spanish speaking friends and have the desire to have conversation with them.

  • Want to understand the Spanish and Latin America culture (Music, movies, television, theatre, etc…)

  • Want to write with proper grammar.

In this course we will follow the next plan:

  • To develop speaking, listening and grammar skills.

  • To study music in Spanish, and to identify the accent of each singer.

  • To discuss topics with a higher degree of difficulty.

  • To get an excellent pronunciation.

  • To study the intermediate grammar topics that will help to improve your knowledge.

  • To discuss advanced topics (about religion, politics, economics, etc…).

  • To learn the phrases that are only used by the natives.

What you will learn

At the end of the course you will be able to:

    • Have a good conversation with a native.

    • Live in a country in which the Spanish is the native language.

    • Understand songs, movies or series in Spanish.

    • Speak in a proper way.

    • Have a pronunciation and an accent very similar to the native one.

    • Read magazines or newspapers in a natural way.

Course Author: Nicolas Rodríguez


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