Daria Fedorova-Moskvina, Wudang Wushu and Tai Chi Instructor.

Daria Fedorova-Moskvina

Wudang Wushu and Tai Chi Instructor


My name is Daria Fedorova-Moskvina or Daria FM.

I’m a Russian born martial artist now living in New York City.

I’ve been practicing Chinese Wushu more than 10 years, five of them in Russia and five in China. Yes, I spent 5 years in China only for studying and practicing kung fu. What does it mean? Just that I take it seriously. You can read my martial arts biography in the lower right column, but I suppose its more important to describe my perspective on the knowledge that I have. Because the individual focus and interpretation of martial arts by a teacher can shape the whole subject one way or another.

These past 10 years I was lucky enough to study from masters who were truly concerned about human development and improving health by practicing martial arts. So I am following my masters and take and teach wushu as a way of internal growth, physical and mental harmony. I believe this is tremendously important for many people at this time.

Practically it means that through wushu I teach self-management skills, including:
• developing sensitivity to your own body and mind, and their needs.
• finding a balanced lifestyle.
• building resilience and the ability to prevent diseases and injury.
• improving connection with yourself and the environment.
• developing skills to release stress and emotional instability.

I work with my students on these skills in addition to the traditional development of the body, through kung fu.

So my final goal is to help my students achieve a state of great physical and mental condition. To become people with strong, well coordinated, and healthy bodies and calm, clear, resilient minds.

Taoists like to say that the human is a Microcosm. I like to understand it such that a human is being the seed of the Universe, containing a whole world inside. To become as big as the Universe everyone needs to work hard to grow, just as every seed must do to become a plant.


2005 – Russia, started to practice wushu with master Elena Fedorova.
2005- 2008, Russia, first and third places in wushu championships (city level).
2007 – 2008 wushu seminars in China (taichi, bagua zhang).
2009 – 2013 – China, studying wushu in Wudang Taoist Traditional Gongfu Academy, teacher development class.
2012 – China, became inheritor of Wudang San Feng Pai lineage of taoist kugfu through master Yuan Xiu Gang.
2012-2013 – China, won international wushu competitions at the International Tai Chi Congresses.
2012- present time – United Arab Emirates, Russia – teaching international wushu seminars.
2013 – 2015 – China, studying Taichi Chen style. Private student of master Zhang Yi Shui, Beijing.
2014 – China, became disciple of Chen style taichi through master Zhang Yi Shuei.
2014 – present time – individual wushu teacher.

About my courses

My teaching goals are:

  • to help my students change their relationship to their bodies and to the world around them,
  • to help them create strong, educated bodies
  • to teach coordination that will prepare them for complicated physical activities. 
  • to encourage self management skills

I do this with three different classes: Basic Training, Wudang Wushu, and Tai Chi

My courses

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True Teacher

Rated 5 out of 5
May 3, 2020

Daria is an excellent martial artist and an amazing teacher, with tons of patience towards each student, no matter what level they are, and a great respect and acceptance of each individual. She is very serious about the practice and dedicated to bring each student to the next level of his/her personal journey. Above all, she is a person of integrity; whose thoughts, words and actions are in harmony. Daria’s unique teaching style and her own example tend to bring the best in people. I feel very fortunate to meet and study with Daria and am looking forward to our future classes.

Luba Tsinis

When the student is ready the teacher appears

Rated 5 out of 5
May 2, 2020

I have studied shaolin kung fu for over 20 years and have always had an interest in tai chi and wudang kung fu in general. The focus on full body power, chi gong and flexibility has been a great compliment to my training.

Manny Miranda

Dreams Come True

Rated 5 out of 5
April 30, 2020

Professional, smart and kind.

Great luck to meet and learn from such a person!

Larisa Petrusenko

Excellent Educator

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2020

Daria is very skillful herself, while also being good at communicating the ‘feeling’ of the work. She’s terrific at a technical level, but more importantly she’s good at beautifully explaining and illuminating the forms. Like all good teachers she’s good at helping you both get the elements of the practice but also how to get creative with it so that you can ultimately develop your own mastery in your own way.

Alan Fox