Corey Hopp


My name is Corey Hopp.

I am a 16th generation desciple of the Sanfengpai tradition of Wudang Kungfu, a second degree blackbelt in Taekwondo, and Math teacher and tutor.

I love martial arts for itself. I enjoy the sweat and challenge to my body and the rewards I find in the movements.

I also love the discipline that it teaches that translates to other parts of my life, the way practice clears my heart and mind and helps me face the world as a more patient and compassionate person.

I love the communities that grow when people practice martial arts together, when people watch each other grow and support each other through the harder lessons. I love sharing everything I love about martial arts with other people. Come practice with me, and you will love it too.

Martial Arts Learning Experience:

17 years of Taekwondo: Tufts Taekwondo Club, Yang Taekwondo

11 years of Wudang Kungfu – 5 years resident study in Wudang China

Kungfu Martial Arts Teaching Experience:

2005-2006: President of Tufts Taekwondo Club

2012: Wudang Wushu Summer Camp instructor

2013-2014: Auxillary instructor for summer students at Wudang Traditional Kungfu Academy

2014-2020: Private Taichi and Kungfu lessons in NYC

2017-2019: Yang Taekwondo Summer camps

2015-2018: Middle and High School Kungfu Clubs Other

Teaching Experience: 5 years middle and high school math teacher.

About my courses


Wudang Traditional Kungfu focuses on cultivating the body inside and out as a means of cultivating the mind and spirit.

It is a way to make yourself stronger, more flexible, and more confident both mentally and physically.

Wudang Kungfu is a lot about balance of opposites.

Train hard at a martial art to reach greater peace with yourself and with others.

Achieve greater power by practicing greater relaxation. Overcome by yielding. Master complex skills by drilling the most basic ones.

Kungfu is a great individual practice, but it is best enjoyed with other practitioners who inspire and encourage you.

Classes will involve partner work and a positive group work ethic.

My courses

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