Clivette Williams,
Biology, Chemistry, Physics.


Clivette Williams

Biology, Chemistry, Physics.


 My name is Clivette Williams, a first generation university graduate and Biology major from Fayetteville State University.

I chose science because in the 5th grade I learned about the human body and how it functioned which intrigued me to want to learn more. Later down the line I realized science and medical related sciences was my calling.

I have traveled 4 continents where I was able to become proficient in 5 languages including English.

My goal in life is to give back to my community while ultimately help save lives. When I am not in the books I like to listen to music, enjoy quality time with my loved ones, or walk my puppy.

I love learning new things and being able to share it with others I believe it is the beauty of knowledge the fact that we can always share it.

Although I excelled at many subjects, I still struggled with some but my parent couldn’t afford a tutor, so I made it my duty if I can to help others academically succeed because I understand how challenging it can be.


Some of the subjects I would love to offer are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Algebra, and Pre-Calculus.

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