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Brian Halton

Science Teacher & Nutritionist 

Over the years, I have worked as a teacher, manager, minister, and nutritionist and through these experiences, I have developed the capability to fulfill the role of trusted community leader. Additionally my many diverse experiences have prepared me very well to be an effective public speaker who enjoys crossing boundaries and uniting people behind my love for life. 
In whatever I do, I try to give extra effort.  I am always glad to go above and beyond to exceed expectations and ensure that the people I’m serving receive optimal treatment. That said, I’m pleased to be now working for LightKeepers international and consider it a great honor. 

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Rated 5 out of 5
July 6, 2021

Great teacher with lots of patience and a big heart!


Leonel Chávez

Interactive Math.

My name is Leonel Chávez .
   I spent my years of high school and first year of college learning the fundamentals of mathematics starting with Arithmetic and going all the way up to AP calculus .
    I tutor privately in my offtime, as well as translate for in the medical field for Spanish English learners.
I have earned multiple honors for my advance mathematical understanding and was the team leader in my middle school math club.
   My interactive learning is focused on helping students become passionate about mathematics and approach it as a stimulative game instead of a math problem. Having this mindset can help them seek alternative methods towards solving a difficult question. Having a clear understanding of the fundamentals in mathematics will help new learners to write and express their thought Procces effectively and accurately.I attempt to spark the fun that math can be for new learner;
leaving behind the customs of the traditional classroom.
   What I love about my teaching opportunity is that they find passion and excitement in the work they do, whether it be simple algorithms or simple squaring , composing a equation , breaking down a lengthy problem , or explaining how they found the answer in their own way.


About My Courses

Through my courses, I want to build my students’ confidence and solidify the thought that any problem can be solve just like they can do anything they put their mind to. I want to practice first with what they already know which will let them know that they are not expected to know everything from day one this will lead them to understand the toughest problems from the basics and so forth, as well as equip them with a elite understanding of complex problem solving , writing, thinking and interactive skills that will serve them through life. 
These courses are a combination of structure, timely, and creativity which will facilitate urgency and immersion while they learn.

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Kaylyn Alexander

Yoga Instructor.


My name is Kaylyn Alexander. I’m a first-generation Thai-American from the south and now living in Brooklyn. 

I’m a certified recreation therapist and yoga instructor. My work is focused on helping students learn yoga and its various tools that can help to increase focus, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being. Lessons include instruction on yoga postures, philosophy, breathing, meditation, and more. Each session is personalized to the student’s goals and interests and is taught to encourage curiosity and inspire regular self-practice.
I grew up as a gymnast competing in local and state competitions. As a teenager, I discovered yoga. Even at a young age, I realized how valuable the practice is – not only on a physical level but also for creating an overall healthy and mindful lifestyle. With regular practice, I grew stronger and more flexible, and my thoughts became much clearer. In fact, the more I practiced yoga, the more my grades, relationships, and happiness improved too. 
My goal is to help individuals reach their highest potential. Whether that’s tapping into their inner light and compassion or balancing on their head, I’m here as a guide. This discipline has benefited me in so many ways that it’s my passion to share it with others. 
In yoga, we address the mind, body, and spiritual aspects of ourselves. As a holistic practice, it does just that: makes us feel whole!   
“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb
**Teacher Tip: Did You Know?** 
Yoga isn’t just physical – it also builds character! There’s basic philosophy and ethics that are observed, such as asteya (non-stealing) and aparigraha (non-greediness). These ethical guidelines support harmonious relationships with ourselves and others, on and off the yoga mat.

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Syeda Abiha Haider

Computer Science & Coding.

I am Syeda Abiha Haider and I am a current senior at Brooklyn College majoring in Computer Information Systems. 
My major in technology and computers does not limit me from educating kids in other subjects therefore, I am really excited to teach creative writing, science, sports and robotics!!!
I believe schools are more than education, they form a students character and personality. I want to be a part of that amazing process. Just by not teaching them a particular subject but also shaping them into confident leaders they will be tomorrow. 

About My Courses


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Yaacov Mayman

Saxophonist & Composer

Yaacov Yon Mayman, a Grammy nominated saxophone player, composer and artistic director has been indulging audiences nationally and internationally in his fascinating performances with powerful, warm sound, dazzling virtuosity, daring interaction and outstanding musicality.
Yaacov has over 30 years of experience in the music industry, especially Jazz. Yaacov has performed and/or recorded with such Jazz greats as Latin-Jazz Bobby Sanabria “Multiverse Afro Latin Big Band”, saxophonist – Benny Golson, Joe Lovano, Bill Evans, drums – Al Foster, Dave Weckl, Lenny White, trumpeters – Randy Brecker, Alex Sipiagin, Valery Ponamarev, Joey Morant, Gunhild Carling, guitarist – Mike Stern, bass – Rufus Red, Avishai Cohen, Leonid Ptashka, Valerie Ponamarev and many more…….

Yaacov has performed in the most prestigious venues and festivals such as Carnegie Hall, Birdland Jazz Club, Dizzy Club Coca Cola, Red Sea Jazz Festival, Super Jazz Ashdod Festival, NY Latin Jazz Festival, “Made in NY Jazz Festival” and many more.

Yaacov Yon Mayman is an artistic director of the first and most prestigious online Jazz competition in the world called “Made in NY Jazz Competition”. In addition, Yaacov has carried out the project called “Made in New York Jazz Festival” as an artistic director and showed phenomenal success with the ability to carry out numerous successful Jazz competitions in New York with musicians across the world. 

Yaacov Yon Mayman is a president of the Community Concert Network, Inc., not-for-profit organization, and has facilitated numerous musical Jazz programs, high quality cultural events and concerts for low income and fixed income population and provided affordable access to concert halls in the Metropolitan area, New York. Community Concert Network, Inc. has gone directly into the local community and neighborhood centers to facilitate extraordinary professional cultural events in collaboration with famous Jazz musicians.

Finally, Yaacov has composed and recorded a Jazz album “Watercolors” with his Jazz compositions which were also performed with famous Jazz musicians such as Lenny White, Randy Brecker, Valery Ponamarev and many others in prestige venues


About my Courses

Big Band  Ensemble
Rock Band Ensemble
Pop Band Ensemble 
Philosophy Statement: Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy. Psalm 33:3 
 Music is a gift from God given to mankind to enrich lives and enhance man’s expression of love to Him.  Our desire is that our students focus their gifts and talents into expressions that glorify God and reflect His image. 
Course Objective: To play jazz through a variety of different styles of jazz music.These styles are blues, shuffle, ballad, samba, and rock. Students will play and improve upon improvisation through chordal changes and alternative forms, including rhythm changes, and blues form. Finally, the members of the jazz ensemble will prepare for performances, festivals, and contests.  
Materials:• Musical instruments  • Improvisational selections
Course Content:• Preparation for jazz competitions • Preparation for concerts  Areas to be evaluated:•Attendance at rehearsals • Attendance at performances 
Piano Guitar 

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Sumita Kohli

Science, Biology Teacher. 

Hi, I’m Sumita!
I am a scientist living in New York City with my husband and two kids, ages 6 and 8.
I have a Master’s Degree in Research in Molecular and Cellular Biology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology, both from Imperial College London. 
I have spent most of my professional career working in laboratories, doing cutting edge research in the field of genomics and cell biology. I encourage students to have a deep understanding by challenging their thinking, using models, background information, and examples. I’m excited to work with your child!

About My Courses

Science is the study of the world around us.
Scientists learn about their subject by observing, describing and experimenting. There are many subjects and branches of science.
I offer courses to elementary and middle school aged kids covering most general
Science areas including
Biology, Life sciences,
Physics and Chemistry.

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Jonathan Baron

English Teacher 

Jonathan Baron is an English teacher who has taught essay writing, grammar, speaking, spelling, punctuation,reading, and writing for children, colleges, and adults all over the world.

He received an American Studies B.A. and English Teaching Certifications from Brandeis University as well as a contract law certification from Harvard.  

He has written on topics including law, technology, science and medicine and has coached MBA and Software Engineering essay writing for successful applicants applying to UPENN, U Chicago, Northwestern and Carnegie Mellon.   

He holds several medical certifications and is author of a copyrighted US Library of Congress memoir.  He has begun his second book.  In his free time he enjoys endurance sports and spending time with his wife and children.


My courses

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Nolan Frontera

Global studies, Geography & United States History. 

My Name Is Nolan Frontera. 
I spent four years as an undergraduate student studying History and Social Studies at CUNY Brooklyn College  
I offer classes in topics such as Global Studies, Geography, and United States History.  I have experience teaching students from grades Kindergarten to High School level. 
My work is focused on engaging students in analyzing the past in order to make sense of the present day. History painted us a very vivid picture of how society, culture, government, and technology operated years ago, so we can better grasp the events that are happening in the present day. My goal as a teacher is to teach critical thinking and historical analysis in order for them to observe events through an array of lenses and perspectives. My number one desire is to have students leave with more questions than answers. 
 I also offer tutoring services in preparing students for the Global Studies, United States Social Studies, and English Regents. I make it my duty that every student passes their Regent Exams with flying colors. 

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Born in Lviv(Ukraine)
Graduated Moscow Conservatoire named after P.I.Tchaikovsky
1994-1998 Oksana was Soloist of Opera Theatres in Poznan and Lodz (Poland).
She performed there parts in Verdi ‘s,,Requiem”,,Trubadur,”,,,Rigoletto”, ,,Nabucco”,,,Prince Igor”of Borodin,
,,Evgeni Onegin”of Tchaikovsky,Principal part of ,,Electra”of Mikis Theodorakis World Premiere in Luxembourg.
She graduated Doctorate program toward Doctor of Philosophy degree in Music Arts in Lviv State Music Academy.
Oksana performed Portia in oratorium ,,Neofity”of M.Kuzan in Vatican.
Many years Oksana worked as soloist of Ukranian Capella ,,Trembita .”
      She has performed in many concerts,including,,Messiah”by Handel,,,Gloria”by Vivaldi,,,Kindertotenlieder “by G.Mahler
,,Funf Gedichte von Mathilde Wesendonk”by R.Wagner,,,Seven Spanish Folk songs”by M.de Falla etc….  
Oksana is Member of UMI from 2011
Member from UIMA from 2019
Courses Piano. Solo Singing.
  I m trying to teach my student how to understand and appreciate classical music, how to play or sing with   joy, how to improve his or her skills to reach important goals.

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Elementary Reading & Math, Chemistry Tutoring 

My name is Albina Lleshi.
I have lived in Albania for most of my life, but I now live in New Jersey.
I have been a teacher for twenty five years. Once I graduated from the University of Tirana with a Bachelors in Chemistry and Biology, I taught chemistry to high school students in Albania for fifteen years. Once I moved to America I began to teach elementary students reading, writing and math. I enjoy reading with my students and leading them in the right direction as they prepare to face challenges throughout their educational careers.
For the past ten years, I have been lucky enough to teach elementary students in different charter schools around New Jersey and watch them grow into intellectually curious and bright individuals. One of my biggest accomplishments as a teacher is watching my students come to class, excited to learn, and walk out having learned something new.
My main goal as a teacher is to help my students understand anything that they happen to be stumbling on and give their parents peace of mind. I understand that learning can be very stressful and if I can help alleviate that stress in any way, I’m more than happy to do so and that is more than enough for me as a teacher. I, of course want my students to learn, but more importantly, I want them to enjoy learning and I will work tirelessly to make that happen for them.
I have taught math and reading to elementary school students and watching them have genuine movements of understanding makes my day. I think it does the same for my students. I see it when they actually understand and are invested in the books we read and in the utter bliss they experience when they can solve a math problem with ease. I would love to tutor students in science, specifically Chemistry, because I have a great passion for the subject and thoroughly enjoyed teaching it to students in my home country.

About My Courses

1. Science
General science course for middle schoolers; with emphasis on Chemistry for high schoolers. Topics such as weather, properties of matter, and stoichiometry will be explored in the course.
2. Math
Basic math course for elementary level students. Offers help with homework and further instruction on lessons learned in class. Topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and word problems will be covered.
3. Reading
Course offers assistance to students just learning how to read and those who already know how to read (primarily elementary school students). Topics such as letter sounds and reading comprehension will be covered.
*Course also offered in Albanian.

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Basic Reading

Basic Reading

Duration 8 sessions a month Time commitment Individual, Group Course language English, Albanian Format Group, Individual. Price $30 - $60 ...
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Basic Math

Basic Math

Duration 8 sessions a month Time commitment Individual, Group Course language English, Albanian Format Group, Individual. Price $30 - $60 ...
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Science Middle School

Science Middle School

Duration 8 sessions a month Time commitment Individual, Group Course language English, Albanian Format Group, Individual. Price $30 - $60 ...
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