Cassandra Chan,
English Teacher


Cassandra Chan

English Teacher 

My name is Cassandra Chan.

 I recently graduated from St. John’s University with my bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education with a concentration in social studies. I love history and find it so fascinating! 

My favorite musical is Hamilton. I once did a lesson on making rap and poems about the American Revolution with 5th graders and they loved it! I love being able to incorporate different subjects into one big lesson. 

Courses I would like to offer :

Poetry writing for ages 6-13. Poems can include free verse, concrete poems, acrostic poems, haikus, etc. 
Read aloud with written portions.
 For example:
Hungry Caterpillar with science (learning about the life cycle of a butterfly) or practicing math (sequencing of days and how much food the caterpillar eats).
Learning how to write persuasive essays.
(Ages 7 and up) 

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